School Uniforms

Students attending Whispering Winds Charter School are required to wear a school uniform. School uniforms are:


Pants, shorts, skorts, (shorts and skorts must be at least mid-length) or jumpers Navy, tan (khaki), black NO blue jeans
Polo (golf) shirts Oxford shirts Any SOLID color, no prints, patterns. No logos bigger than 3/4”
Shoes Must be closed toe. No sandals, flip flops, crocs, or other similar shoes. No slick bottom shoes. ALL shoes must be suitable for athletic participation.
Jewelry Jewelry must not cause a distraction to the classroom.
Jackets No hoodies. Hoodies are not wind resistant and will not protect your child’s ears from wind in cold weather. If your child’s doctor recommends wearing a hoodie, please bring us a note from your doctor explaining what temperatures/conditions wearing a hoodie would be necessary. Plain jackets are preferable, but other jackets are acceptable, providing they do not have inappropriate words or symbols. Examples would be symbols or words that advertise cigarettes or alcohol, or are offensive regarding ethnicity or gender discrimination.


Why do our students wear uniforms? There are a number of reasons why our students wear uniforms, including the following:


  1. Safety. We can easily identify children who are Whispering Winds students, even from a distance.
  2. Equality. Children and families often feel pressured to wear trendy, and expensive, clothing. Children who cannot afford the most popular clothing are often ridiculed for not being able to compete economically with their peers. Children’s concern over clothing choices of their peers is also a classroom distraction, as children can argue over what is the trendiest clothing choice.
  3. Identity. We are proud of our school and our students. We want to have an identity separate from other schools. It develops a sense of unity. Whether on team sports, race car drivers, police officers, etc. , people wear uniforms to increase a sense of belonging and develop a feeling of being a part of something bigger than themselves.
  4. Cost. Although the upfront cost may be as much as traditional clothing, the cost of continually keeping with the latest style and season will show savings with uniforms over other school clothing.
  5. Convenience. No more spending time in the morning worrying about what to wear.
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