PTO Minutes - December 30, 2015

PTO Minutes 12/30/15 @ 10 AM @ Whispering Winds Charter School

Call to order 10:10 AM

Attendees: Shawn Royce, Alesha Smith, Emily Allen, Desiree Shiminski, Cathy Latner

1) Notification about our PTO meeting at The Gathering Table was sent out on Whispering Winds Facebook page.

2) Treasurer's Report:

-  The total income from our Bake Sale is $375.70, and is in the fundraising account.

-  The total income from Santa's Workshop and Holiday Store is $971.45We accumulated $, billed $608.10, leaving $363.45 in profit!!! 

   * We raised more money than last year.

   * We used a different company for our gift orders last year.

   * With our income of $, and the receipt from the Dollar Tree of $135.89,

   * The majority of 1st grade class did not bring an order form back to shop with. We need to redo the Santa's Workshop list order form and give more notice to parents.

  * We discussed creating a list with a monetary budget for each person a student was buying for. Some of our students were sent with money, and didn't know how to decide how much money they should spend on each person. For example, if a child was sent $15 to spend on their mom, dad, and grandma, the parents should decide that $5 per person is what the student could spend per person. The list should be sent out before Thanksgiving break, with a reminder after the break. 

- Receipt from parade pencils will be available at our next meeting. We need to order double our last order for next year. We ran out of pencils around half way thru the parade. 

-Receipt from printer ink will be available at our next meeting. Computer will in back will be set up to the big printer to save money. 

3) Approved 12/01/15 minutes

- Alesha Smith Motioned, and Cathy Latner Seconded. 

4) Old Business 

- Postage usage...should we use an open P.O.?

   * Shawn will ask Angie about it. 

   * We need to start recording how much postage we use monthly, so we can budget our funds for next year. 

- All files will be taken off non-working computer and transferred to other computer. 

5) New Business

- Norelia Armas is unavailable to be PTO Treasurer. 

   * Desiree Shiminski was voted into office. 

      ~ Alesha Smith Motioned, Shawn Royce Seconded. 

   * We discussed adding some sort of an 'Auditing System' in our Bi laws.

- Picture week is the week that students return from Winter Break. 

- Yearbook ad information had been given to Desiree Shiminski. Shawn has collected business cards for potential prospects. Our goal is to give free yearbooks to our students. 

   * We discussed selling and limiting yearbook 'well wishes' for our graduating 5th grade class. We talked about pricing a quarter of an add space for around $15.  We could offer 3 monthly payments of $5 an option, or a choice of a one time fee for the students ad space. 

      ~ All checks need to be payable to Whispering Winds Charter School, with Yearbook account (under Memo). 

- Literacy week and our Book Fair will be the last week of January. 

   * The theme is 'Fiesta' for Books Around the World. 

      ~ Emily Allen can help with the decorations. 

      ~ No unsupervised students, please. 

      ~ Need to set a time limit for students to look/buy books. 

      ~ All checks need to be payable to Whispering Winds Charter School, with Book Fair account (under Memo).

- We will have no Spaghetti Dinner at the end of January. 

- Box Tops are going to be due soon. Cathy Latner donated $9.80 in postage, shipping them out. 

6) Next Meeting will be January 12th @ 5:30 PM

- We will go over our budgeting for the rest of the school year. 

- Go over January and February calendar. 

   * Already discussed selling carnation flowers for Valentine‚Äôs Day, as the next fundraiser. 


- Shawn will have more information available on our next meeting from Dr. Cornell. 


We discussed PTO's role related to school fundraisers for school field trips since there was one parent who expressed concerns.  Shawn clarified that the school is responsible for coordinating field trip fundraisers and PTO does involvement with school field trips.  

We reviewed some catalogs for future fundraisers. 


Adjourned 12:30 PM

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