Our History & Philosophy

The History and Philosophy of Whispering Winds


Whispering Winds began with the dreams of George and Tina Farrow to provide a different educational experience focused on the needs of the individual child. The first year of Whispering Winds was for the 1999-2000 school year. Whispering Winds offers a challenging curriculum in a small, family style setting.


Our target population is to serve the needs of children who are either under-challenged in their current environment, or students who may be considered academically at-risk.


We believe in and use the inclusionary model in our school. Students of differing abilities and limitations are placed together in the same classrooms. Both special needs children and regular education children benefit in an inclusionary setting.


We use a non-punitive discipline system that focuses on developing in each child a sense of responsibility and community. Children learn and grow from the natural consequences of his or her own behaviors.


We build classroom communities where children develop meaningful positive relationships with their teachers and the other students in the classroom. Depending on enrollment, we may have blended multi-grade, multi-age classrooms.


We use many research-based methods to ensure your child receives the best opportunity to learn and grow. We use small group instruction, including learning centers, for the majority of classroom instruction. Whole class instruction is kept at a minimum. Worksheets are used only to reinforce taught concepts.


We use technology extensively in the classroom through the use of internet resources and computer programs to assist in instruction and remediation.


All of our teachers are certified and highly qualified. We have a highly qualified instructional aide in every classroom as well. 


Learning is hard work, but should also be fun.

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