Board Minutes - October 5, 2021

Members Present - Jody Studstill, Megan Hassell, Ruthann Ross, Barbara Locke, Jennifer Pittman, Kimberly Bartley, Angie Jordan

Members Absent - Judy Benton


Minutes from the July 13, 2021 board meeting were read, a motion made by Megan to accept the minutes, seconded by Jody; Motion carried.


The budget for the 2021-22 school year was presented. A motion was made by Barbara to accept the budget, seconded by Megan; Motion carried.


Teacher Salary Increase Allocation and the new salary schedule were discussed.


Employee - All positions are filled and ready to begin school.


Food Service Position - Change the full time food service work to a part time position.  No more than 4 hours per school day. Eliminating the FRS and sick time.


Meeting adjourned.

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