Board Minutes - October 22, 2020

Members Present – Ruthann Ross, Jody Studstill, Judy Benton, Barbara Locke, Megan Hassell
Jennifer Pittman, Kimberly Bartley, Angie Jordan


Guest: Katie Gardner


Minutes from the July 20, 2020, board meeting was read and a motion was made by Judy to accept the minutes, seconded by Jody; Motion carried


Financial Statements for September were presented and discussed. All finances are in order and on schedule.


Budget for the 2020-2021 school year was presented, discussed. Motion made by Ruthann to approve the budget and seconded by Judy. Motion carried.


Discuss on the yearly signing bonus - due to the lower number of students in attendance this school year, we will not be giving a signing bonus to returning employees. This will be reviewed again at the beginning of the 2021-22 school year.


A suggestion was made to give a Christmas bonus to all employees.
After discussion a motion was made by Judy to give employees a Christmas Bonus and seconded by Barbara. Motion carried.


Members were notified that the final audit for 2020 was complete and a copy would be sent to them in the coming weeks. Auditor said all was good with one finding due to the website not being up to date. Corrections were made to the website immediately.

Meeting adjourned.

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