Board Minutes - April 11, 2019

Members Present – Ruthann Ross, Jody Studstill, Barbara Locke


Kimberly Bartley and Jennifer Pittman – Directors; Angie Jordan - Secretary


Minutes from January meeting – Motion was made by Ruthann Ross to approve the minutes, seconded by Jody Studstill; Motion carried


Request to add a second Senior Management Position to our FRS positions, allowing for two senior mamagement postitions Principal and Director. Both positions have the same job description and now will have same benefits. Motion made to add the 2nd senior management position by Barbara Locke, seconded by Ruthann Ross; Motion carried.


2014-2015 FTE Audit update – The state finally sent a letter stating the penalty would be $40,131.24. The district would recoup this by deducting $6,688.54 from each check until June 30, 2019.

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