Board Minutes - May 31, 2018

Members Present:   Ruthann Ross, Judy Benton, Jody Studstill


Members Absent: Barbara Locke


Others Present: Kim Bartley - Director; Jennifer Pittman – Director; Angie Jordan – School Secretary


Meeting brought to order


Minutes from the 4-5-2018 Board meeting were reviewed. Ruthann Ross made a motion to accept the minutes, Judy Benton seconded; Motion carried


The Parent Student Handbook and Contract was revised with a few minor changes; parent drop off and pick up procedures were revised as well as drop off times in the morning. A motion was made by Judy Benton to approve the handbook with the changes and seconded by Jody Studstill; Motion carried.


The signing bonus for returning employees was discussed and approved with budget allowing. The meeting in September 2018 we will approve the budget for the 2018-2019 SY.


Meeting adjourned

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